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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives in Buenos Aires, Madrid,Spain

and Curitiba,Brazil.

Join collective and solo-shows with Drawings,Etchings,Sculptures

and even in Design shows,in his Country,Brasil,Uruguay and Spain. 
Private collectors and museums own his work in Argentina,Brazil,Uruguay, Nederland,Italy,United States, China,Australia,Spain. 
He was selected to design and made the followings prizes:

.Coca-Cola in Arts and Science.Argentina.

.Uruguayan Chamber of the Wool.

.Solidary Architect.(Central Society of Architect,C.S.A., Arg.)

.Latin American Association of Publicity Agencies.

.Architecture Biennal.Buenos Aires.

.Many others for private and official institutions. 
European shows and editions: 
.Exposalao con Galeria Alfama, .Batalha,Portugal. (2001)

.Taller del Prado (Sculptures editions,2002) “

“ (Etchings editions,2003) .Ledesma. Graphic art.

.Salon de la Estampa (Print fair)Madrid (2002-2003)

.Portoarte.Contemporary arts, .Oporto,Portugal. 



“Eduardo Sivori”.Buenos Aires.

“Nicolas Avellaneda”.Province of Buenos Aires.

“De Bellas Artes”.Province of Santa Fe.

“Secretaria de cultura de la Nacion”.Argentina.

Museo Provincial de Jaen. España.

Biblioteca Nacional.Madrid. España 
.Second Prize,V Salon de la Plata.

.First Mention,XIV Salon San Fernando.

.Special Prize, V Salon Avellaneda.

.Rogelio Yrurtia Prize,Salon Manuel Belgrano.

.Third Prize,Salon M. Belgrano.

.Mention Prize,LVII Salon Nacional. 
.Second Prize, Salon M.Belgrano

.First Prize,Salon Cerealista de Buenos Aires.

.Special Prize,LVII Salon de Santa Fe.

.Second Prize,I Salon del Parana. 
.Honorific Mention,Pro Monument to General Peñaloza.

.First Prize, Salon de Avellaneda.

.Grand Prize d`Honor,Salon Cerealista de Buenos Aires.

.First Prize, Salon de Moreno. .First Prize,II Salon del Parana.

.First Prize, Coca-Cola in Arts and Science.

.First Prize,Making trophy of Uruguayan Chamber of wool. 
He has worked in wall murals, waterfountains and mainly in design and  making

decoratives pieces on stone, wood, steel and bronze,as lightning  sculptures, table bases,etc. 
The Culture Department of Town Hall and the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo
sponsored his works on Tango Sculptures. 


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